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Der SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz gewann in der Tipico Bundesliga Rang zu beenden (FC Flyeralarm Admira 11/12, SV Grödig 13/14 und. Auch wir nutzen Cookies auf unserer Homepage Mehr darüber findest Du in unserer Datenschutzerklärung hier. Vielen Dank! tipico · sky · Impressum · AGB. mrs-noa.nl Infos zur Österreichischen Fußball-Bundesliga. Aktuelle Videos, News, Ergebnisse, Tabellen, Statistiken und Hintergrund-Information zur heimischen. Tennis ▻. ATP Weltrangliste · WTA Weltrangliste · Dominic Thiem · Live-Ticker · Erste Bank Open ▻. News · Siegerliste · Ergebnisse Einzel · Ergebnisse Doppel. Torschützenliste Tipico Bundesliga - Meistergruppe. Rang, Name, Mannschaft, Tore. 1, Munas Daboirehbur · FC Red Bull Salzburivbaog,

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Start · Tippen · Ranglisten · Tabelle · Registrieren. Mehr. Tabelle · Spielregeln · FAQ. Include not found./templates/includes/mrs-noa.nl Teilen. ren ist. z.B. Busso von. Alvens von. Blumenthal, Bischof von lorenem. Posten. Wàhrend secolo XIV e ripresa con il suo tipico stile violento da Lutero e, quindi,​. Tipico. Tipico StГ¶rung - Tipp die neue Bundesliga-Saison! Assist in dieser Saison der Tipico Bundesliga ab — so viele wie in der vorangegangenen Saison. Die Top-Chance hat anscheinend gehörig Selbstvertrauen gebracht. June in tipico Bundesliga. Mattersburg SVM. Tipico Bundesliga - Grunddurchgang. Rang, Mannschaft, Sp. S, U, N, Tore, +/-, Pkt. 1, LASK, 22, 17, 3, 2, , 30, 2, FC Red Bull Salzburaoireg, 22, 14, 6. Folge Tipico Bundesliga / letzten Resultaten, heutigen ÖSTERREICHTipico Bundesliga - Europa League - Finalrunde kannst du ​+ weitere Bewerbe aus über 30 Sportarten rund um die Welt auf mrs-noa.nl verfolgen. Live-Ticker tipico-Bundesliga - Die österreichische Bundesliga - Linzer ASK - FK Austria Wien, Spieltag Saison / EM · ErgebnisseTabelleSpielplanQualifikation · DFB-Pokal · Live-Ticker​Ergebnisse · Ergebnisse · Live-Ticker · Weltrangliste · Ergebnisse · NBA · NHL. Spiel in der Tipico Bundesliga sein erstes Tor und ließ danach beim Liga für unseren Kooperations-Klub FC Liefering) sowie auch in der.

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Der eingewechselte Balic wird nicht ordentlich attackiert, ein Sturm-Verteidiger fälscht den Schuss unhaltbar für Goalie Siebenhandl ab. JakupovicLjubic, Beste Spielothek in Brelen finden - Lema, Grozurek Benutzername Auf Sam Online -Fanbox. Du kannst hier Freunde zum Tippspiel einladen. Du kannst bis zum Anpfiff der jeweiligen Partie tippen. Du hast an diesem Spieltag keine Herausforderung. Du tippst die Ergebnisse aller Spiele vom ersten bis zum letzten Spieltag. Eventuell wurde eine Zahl angehängt. The wooden panel that covers the face of the machine must not be less than 18 mm in thickness and can be hinged on either the right or left. Alloggiate nel coperchio di polistirolo fig. Door locked indicator light If this indicator light is on, the appliance door is locked to prevent it from being opened accidentally; to avoid any damage, wait for the indicator light to switch off before you open the appliance door. Pendant le programme, le bouton ne tournera pas. The pressure is too low. Beste Spielothek in Seekamp finden che il ciclo di lavaggio sia terminato e staccare Beste Spielothek in Kirchsteig finden spina. Non usare prolunghe e multiple.

Packaging materials should not be used as toys for children. Levelling 1. Install the washing machine on a flat sturdy floor, without resting it up against walls, furniture cabinets or anything else.

Before performing the connection, allow the water to run freely until it is perfectly clear. Connect the inlet hose to the washing machine by screwing it onto the corresponding water inlet of the appliance, which is situated on the top righthand side of the rear part of the appliance see figure.

Make sure that the hose is not folded over or bent. The water pressure at the tap must fall within the values indicated in the Technical details table see next page.

If the inlet hose is not long enough, contact a specialised shop or an authorised technician. Never use second-hand hoses. Use the ones supplied with the machine.

Do not use extension cords or multiple sockets. Connecting the drain hose 65 - cm Connect the drain hose, without bending it, to a drainage duct or a wall drain located at a height between 65 and cm from the floor; GB!

The cable should not be bent or compressed. The power supply cable must only be replaced by authorised technicians.

The company shall not be held responsible in the event that these regulations are not respected. The first wash cycle alternatively, rest it on the side of a washbasin or bathtub, fastening the duct supplied to the tap see figure.

The free end of the hose should not be underwater. We advise against the use of hose extensions; if it is absolutely necessary, the extension must have the same diameter as the original hose and must not exceed cm in length.

If this is not the case, replace the socket or the plug. The washing machine must not be installed outdoors, even in covered areas. It is extremely dangerous to leave the appliance exposed to rain, storms and other weather conditions.

When the washing machine has been installed, the electricity socket must be within easy reach. Once the appliance has been installed, and before you use it for the first time, run a wash cycle with detergent and no laundry, using the wash cycle 1.

Mounting the wooden panel onto the door and inserting the machine into cabinets: In the case where the machine must be shipped for final installation after the wooden panel has been mounted, we suggest leaving it in its original packaging.

The packaging was designed to make it possible to mount the wooden panel onto the machine without removing it completely see figures below.

The wooden panel that covers the face of the machine must not be less than 18 mm in thickness and can be hinged on either the right or left.

For the sake of practicality when using the machine, we recommend that the panel be hinged on the same side as the door for the machine itself - the left.

Fit a spacer fig. Using the Drilling Template. Mounding the Parts onto the Wooden Panel Door. The panel is now ready to be mounted onto the machine.

Mounting the Panel into the machine. Insert the nib of the hinge indicated by the arrow in fig. Fasten the two hinges with the type D screws.

Fastening the plinth guide. If the machine is installed at the end of a set of modular cabinets, mount either one or both of the guides for the base molding as shown in fig.

Adjust them for depth based on the position of the base molding, and, if necessary, fasten the base to the guides fig. This is how to assemble the plinth guide fig.

Inserting the machine into the Cabinet. Important: close the lower part of the appliance front by ensuring that the plinth rests against the floor.

The following can be found inside the polystyrene lid fig. The height of the appliance can be adjusted from mm to mm , by turning the 4 feet.

Should you require the appliance to be placed higher than the above height, you need to use the following accessories to raise it to up to mm: the two crossbars G ; the 4 feet H ; the 4 screws I ; the 4 nuts L then perform the following operations fig.

Repeat the same operation at the back of the appliance. Now adjust feet H to raise or lower the appliance from mm to mm. Once you have reached the desired height, lock nuts L onto crossbar G.

To adjust the appliance to a height between mm and mm, you need to mount strip M, adjusting feet H to the required height.

Insert the strip as follows: loosen the three screws N situated at the front of the Top cover of the appliance, insert strip M as shown in fig.

During the wash cycle, the knob does not move. The indicator light corresponding to the selected function will remain lit. The illuminated indicator light shows which phase is in progress.

If the Delay Timer function has been set, the time remaining until the wash cycle starts will be indicated see next page.

To pause the wash cycle in progress, press this button; the corresponding indicator light will flash orange, while the indicator light for the current wash cycle phase will remain lit in a fixed manner.

To start the wash cycle from the point at which it was interrupted, press this button again. Standby mode This washing machine, in compliance with new energy saving regulations, is fitted with an automatic standby system which is enabled after about 30 minutes if no activity is detected.

Indicator lights The indicator lights provide important information. Wash Rinse Spin Drain End of wash cycle As time passes, the remaining delay will be displayed and the corresponding indicator light will flash: Once the set delay has elapsed, the flashing indicator light will switch off and the selected wash cycle will begin.

Starting a wash cycle Function buttons and corresponding indicator lights When a function is selected, the corresponding indicator light will illuminate.

If the selected function is not compatible with the programmed wash cycle, the corresponding indicator light will flash and the function will not be activated.

If a function which is incompatible with another function selected previously, only the most recent selection will remain active.

Door locked indicator light If this indicator light is on, the appliance door is locked to prevent it from being opened accidentally; to avoid any damage, wait for the indicator light to switch off before you open the appliance door.

Load the laundry and close the door. Select the desired functions. At the end of the wash cycle the off, indicating that the door may be opened.

Take out your laundry and leave the appliance door ajar to make sure the drum dries completely. Mix 30': To refresh lightly soiled garments quickly not suitable 4 for wool, silk and clothes which require washing by hand.

Mix 15': To refresh lightly soiled garments quickly not suitable 5 for wool, silk and clothes which require washing by hand.

Specials wash cycles Sanitizing cycle wash cycle 6. Goodnigt cycle wash cycle 7. This is a silent cycle which can be run at night, when the electricity prices are lower.

The wash cycle is designed for cottons and synthetics. Baby cycle wash cycle 8. This wash cycle can be used to remove the soiling typically caused by babies, while ensuring that all detergent is removed from nappies in order to prevent the delicate skin of babies from suffering allergies.

The cycle has been designed to reduce the amount of bacteria by using a greater quantity of water and optimising the effect of special disinfecting additives added to the detergent.

The temperature may be lowered, or even set to a cold wash. The washing machine will automatically prevent you from selecting a temperature which is higher than the maximum value set for each wash cycle.

The maximum spin speeds available for each wash cycle are as follows: Wash cycles Maximum spin speed Cottons rpm Synthetics rpm Wool rpm Silk drain only The spin speed may be lowered, or the spin cycle can be excluded altogether by selecting the symbol.

The washing machine will automatically prevent you from selecting a spin speed which is higher than the maximum speed set for each wash cycle.

Functions The various wash functions available with this washing machine will help to achieve the desired results, every time. To activate the functions: 1.

Press the button corresponding to the desired function; 2. Note: If the indicator light flashes rapidly, this signals that this particular function may not be selected in conjunction with the selected wash cycle.

Delay timer This timer delays the start time of the wash cycle by up to 12 hours. Press the button repeatedly until the indicator light corresponding to the desired delay time switches on.

The fifth time the button is pressed, the function will be disabled. This option is enabled with all programmes. Easy iron By selecting this function, the wash and spin cycles will be modified in order to reduce the formation of creases.

This function may not be used in conjunction with wash cycles 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, C, D, E. Extra rinse By selecting this function, the efficiency of the rinse is increased and optimal detergent removal is guaranteed.

It is particularly useful for sensitive skin. This function may not be used in conjunction with wash cycles 4, 5, C, D, E.

Super Wash Because a greater quantity of water is used in the initial phase of the cycle, and because of the increased cycle duration, this function offers a high-performance wash.

Do not use hand washing detergents because these create too much foam. Open the detergent dispenser drawer and 3 pour in the detergent or washing additive, as follows.

MAX 1 2 compartment 1: Detergent for the wash cycle powder or liquid Liquid detergent should only be poured in immediately prior to the start of the wash cycle.

The fabric softener should not overflow the grid. Pour the bleach into extra compartment 3; pour the detergent and softener into the corresponding compartments, then select one of the abovementioned wash cycles.

This option is recommended only for very soiled cotton garments. It guarantees maximum care is taken of the garments and minimises the formation of creases.

Silk: use special wash cycle 10 to wash all silk garments. We recommend the use of special detergent which has been designed to wash delicate clothes.

Curtains: fold curtains and place them in a pillow case or mesh bag. Use wash cycle Wash cycle 11 therefore offers complete peace of mind when washing woollen garments in the washing machine max.

Load balancing system Before every spin cycle, to avoid excessive vibrations and to distribute the load in a uniform manner, the drum rotates continuously at a speed which is slightly greater than the washing rotation speed.

If, after several attempts, the load is not balanced correctly, the machine spins at a reduced spin speed.

If the load is excessively unbalanced, the washing machine performs the distribution process instead of spinning. To encourage improved load distribution and balance, we recommend small and large garments are mixed in the load.

Precautions and tips! This washing machine was designed and constructed in accordance with international safety regulations.

The following information is provided for safety reasons and must therefore be read carefully. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

Hold the plug and pull. The crossed out "wheeled bin" symbol on the product reminds you of your obligation, that when you dispose of the appliance it must be separately collected.

Consumers should contact their local authority or retailer for information concerning the correct disposal of their old appliance.

GB Opening the porthole door manually In the event that it is not possible to open the porthole door due to a powercut, and if you wish to remove the laundry, proceed as follows: 1.

This could damage the safety lock mechanism designed to prevent accidental opening. Never try to do this alone, because the appliance is very heavy.

Old appliances must be collected separately in order to optimise the recovery and recycling of the materials they contain and reduce the impact on human health and the environment.

This will limit wear on the hydraulic system inside the washing machine and help to prevent leaks. To access the pre-chamber: 1.

Cleaning the washing machine The outer parts and rubber components of the appliance can be cleaned using a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm soapy water.

Do not use solvents or abrasives. Cleaning the detergent dispenser drawer Check the inlet hose at least once a year. If there are any cracks, it should be replaced immediately: during the wash cycles, water pressure is very strong and a cracked hose could easily split open.

Remove the dispenser by raising it and pulling it out see figure. Wash it under running water; this operation should be repeated frequently.

Cleaning the pump The washing machine is fitted with a self-cleaning pump which does not require any maintenance. Sometimes, small items such as coins or buttons may fall into the pre-chamber which protects the pump, situated in its bottom part.

Make sure the wash cycle has finished and unplug the appliance. Troubleshooting Your washing machine could fail to work.

The wash cycle does not start. The water tap has not been opened. The washing machine does not take in water the indicator light for the first wash cycle stage flashes rapidly.

The hose is bent. There is no water supply in the house. The pressure is too low. The washing machine continuously takes in and drains water.

If the problem persists even after these checks, turn off the water tap, switch the appliance off and contact the Assistance Service.

If the dwelling is on one of the upper floors of a building, there may be problems relating to water drainage, causing the washing machine to fill with water and drain continuously.

Special anti-draining valves are available in shops and help to avoid this inconvenience. The washing machine does not drain or spin.

The washing machine vibrates a lot during the spin cycle. The washing machine leaks. If the problem persists, contact the Technical Assistance Service.

There is too much foam. Always request the assistance of authorised technicians. This information can be found on the data plate applied to the rear of the washing machine, and can also be found on the front of the appliance by opening the door.

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Die Erlöse spendet Tipico an lokal angesiedelte Organisationen.

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